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Logical Consequences – Some Examples

Most child-development specialists will agree that the best learning experiences come from logical consequences. But what are logical consequences and how can you include them in your home?

Consider these three types of logical consequences:

  • You Break It – You Fix It
  • Loss of Privilege
  • Time-Out

A very small child whose crayon marks the wall can wipe the wall with a cleansing cloth. The result may not be perfect, but the message is clear. Marks don’t belong on the wall, so the person who put them there must take them off. Other examples of You Break It – You Fix It include making apologies, or taking on extra chores.

Loss of privilege is usually the result of abusing a privilege. Stay out past curfew, no going out at all. Cause trouble and distress to others – no allowance. Play computer games instead of doing homework, computer games are off limits.

Times of emotional intensity can often call for a Time-Out. Satisfactory conflict resolutions are more easily reached when tempers are cool.

Discuss times when these logical consequences would be appropriate in your home.

Natural and Logical Consequences

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Creative Solutions – Weighing the Elephant

How can you find out how much an elephant weighs?  Surely it would break your bathroom scales!  Can it be done without building the world’s largest scale?  Brainstorm for ideas.

Then read the Chinese folktale, Weighing the Elephant  to discover one boy’s creative solution.

Weighing the Elephant ~ Learn to Read with English Stories for Kids


Nope, won't fit on the bathroom scales!

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