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Words – Onomatopoeia

Have you ever noticed how some words sound exactly like what they are describing?  If we wanted crispy bacon, we would let it sizzle for a while.  The word sizzle comes from the sound that the bacon makes when it is cooking.

Can you think of other examples of onomatopoeia?

sizzling bacon

Hearing that sizzle has made me really hungry!

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Share A Story – I Felt Triumphant!

Every year our Physical Education teacher would test each of in different physical skills.  The test that I hated the most were the pull-ups.  I was more a book person than an athlete and I couldn’t do even one pull-up!  It was embarrassing.

I decided that next year I would get my chin up above that bar.  I found a tree branch out in the back that was the perfect height and in a secluded location.  I practiced and got stronger.

That next year, I did two pull-ups during the test.  What a triumph!


I really did it this time!

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