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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Communication Skills – Voicing Opinions

The give and take of information is the basis of communication. Understanding when and how to offer opinions can be very helpful.

Sometimes someone asks for your opinion. Other times you may have a thought you wish to contribute spontaneously.

If you opinion has not been requested, you should announce your intention to offer personal observations and suggestions in the situation. For example:

  • “I’ve got an idea.”
  • “Here’s what I think”
  • Add more of your own.

This gives the other person the chance to respond with some sort of yes or no.

  • “Sure, I’d love to hear what you think.”
  • “Thanks, but this is something I need to work out on my own.”
  • Name some other ways to accept or decline an opinion.

Please, though, if you are asked for an opinion, say what is on your mind. Responding with something non-committal such as, “It’s up to you”, is not helpful.

Give Me Your Opinion

Voice your opinion in a good way.

Techniques for Better Feedback

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Play A Game – Initial Letter Sentences

Each player will make a sentence that contains a number of words that is equal to the number of players. The words of the sentences will start with the initial letter of each player’s name. The words go clockwise around the table starting with the letter of the current player’s own name. If our players were Rosemary, Carlos, Emily, and Nicholas, these are some possible results:

  • Rosemary: Read comics every night.
  • Carlos: Corky’s engine needs repaired.
  • Emily: Endearing ne’er-do-wells rarely call.
  • Nicholas: Nine ravens cawed eagerly.

Note: Small groups can use both first and last names to create longer sentences.

Read Comics Every Night

Read Comics Every Night.

Initial-Letter Adventures

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