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What's For Dinner?
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Playing It Safe – Bicycles

Bicycles are great fun and a clean source of transportation.  A bicycle rider, however doesn't have the same protection as a passenger in a vehicle.  What rules can help make bicycle riders safer?

Kids and Bicycle Safety

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Direct Opposites

Play A Word Game – Double-Letter Chain

Player one names a word that contains double a's such as aardvark or Aaron.  Player two must name a word that contains double b's such as bubble.  Continue playing through the alphabet.

Each player earns a point for the correctly named word during his or her turn.  If a player cannot think of a double-letter word for the letter in question, other players can be called upon to name a word and earn the point for that letter.  (The player whose turn it is chooses which player will supply the word from a show of hands.)  If no players can think of a word, the player whose turn it was, earns five points.

Bird Feet

I'll use the word feet for my double 'e' word.

A Letter Makes A Difference

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