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Inductive Reasoning – Changing The Rules

Open ended questions are questions that have no right or wrong answers. Educators use open-ended questions to help learners develop higher-level thinking skills such as inductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning can be described as moving from the specific to the general. More about deductive and inductive reasoning can be found here: Deductive Reasoning Versus Inductive Reasoning

Practice inductive reasoning with this exercise.

Our world offers us many rules to live by. What would be the result of changing some of those rules?

What if the playground rules were changed so that everyone had to agree on one game to play every recess?

What if a driver was allowed to run a red light if he or she was sure that no one was coming?

Explore other rules.

Practice Inductive Reasoning

What if you changed the rules?

Practice Inductive Reasoning

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Share Your Knowledge – Nature Is Amazing!

Discuss some of the wonders of nature. The list is endless!

Why bother with nature?

Many important inventions have been modeled after nature

Seeds, are one of the wonders of nature.

Many important inventions have been modeled after nature

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