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What's For Dinner?
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Fun And Learning – Know Your Motivators

Motivation is important for learning.  What motivates you?  If you aren't sure, look at the activities you choose during your free time.

Now look at a subject in which you wish to increase your learning.  Match an activity that uses your best motivators with a learning skill.

If you like cooking and trying new foods you can scale recipes or calculate nutritional information to improve math skills.  Reading can be improved by reading cookbooks or cooking magazines.  A better understanding of science can explain why baking soda makes a fluffy cake.

So, choose a motivator and brainstorm ways to put learning into your favorite activities.

I like music

I like music, so I put the things I want to remember into a song.

Can one person motivate another?

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Elves – Tricks And Treasures

Suppose there are tiny pointy-eared elves living in your home.  Describe some of the tricks they play when you aren't looking.  Also name the kind deeds they perform for you to discover, like treasure.

tricky elf

The elf tricked our teacher and gave us a treasure.

Make a treasure hunt game

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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