What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
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Food, Fun and Facts!

Table Topics

Mind-stretching brain games and conversation starters. It's the perfect opportunity for sharing stories, building knowledge, strengthening character, and having fun!

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Internet – Blogs

What are blogs? Have you ever posted on a blog? Discuss some family guidelines for making online posts.

Keeping your kids safe online? Follow these 5 tips

The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Child Online

Security and Your Phone: What are the Risks and How to Stay Safe

More about keeping kids safe while blogging

Teaching Kids To Blog

safe blogging

It is fun to share my thoughts in a blog. But I'm careful not to tell any secrets or say mean things.

Internet Safety

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Communication – Using Pronouns

Pronouns are very helpful and make communicating a lot less bulky.  Take this example:

"Hi Tracy, Judy is calling on the telephone.  Judy is sorry Judy missed Tracy's birthday party.  Judy was wondering if Judy could come over to Tracy's house and play with Tracy's new toys."

"Tracy would love to have Judy come to Tracy's house.  Tracy's cousin Jerry is at Tracy's house.  Jerry has to go home in two hours.  Could Judy come in two hours?"

With pronouns:

"Hi Tracy, its Judy.  I'm sorry I missed your birthday party.  I was wondering if I could come over to your house and play with your new toys."

"I would love to have you come to my house.  My cousin Jerry is here now.  He has to go home in two hours.  Can you come then?"

Make some examples of your own.

Learn the pronoun song.

Personal Pronouns


I'm telling you, we have to get her to make him talk to us!

Learn parts of speech through song

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