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Animal Adaptations – Insect Mouthparts

Have you ever watched a fly walking about sticking his tongue on everything?  Have you ever felt the bite of a mosquito?

Those two insects have mouthparts specialized to their way of life.  Name other examples of special insect mouthparts.

Insect Mouthparts

Insect Mouth: Parts, Types & Diagram


I'm not at all fond of mosquito mouthparts!

Mosquito Bites

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Ecology – What is a Watershed?

A watershed is not a building, believe it or not.  It is the area from which all the rain, snow and other precipitation flow into streams, rivers, lakes or other body of water.  It is an area that must be protected from pollutants to keep the water we use pure.

Bridging the Watershed Overview

Water Shed

Water is always being recycled by nature.

Share Your Knowledge of Water

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