What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
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It’s True! – Zorbing

Can you imagine being strapped inside a ball and rolled down a hill?  Visit New Zealand and you can participate in this bizarre activity!

What other strange activities can you name?

Zorbing in New Zealand

Jump from the Sky

Some people like exciting hobbies!

Gooey Goop

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Communication Skills – I Didn’t Know!

Living with others will always result in moments of misunderstandings. Always keep in mind that a person cannot know something that they haven’t learned – even you!

Have you ever become indignant when someone made a comment regarding your actions or behavior? The next time that happens, look for information that you didn’t already possess.

  • "I wish you would brush the crumbs from the cutting board into the trash instead of rinsing them off into the sink."
  • "But it’s quicker and easier to rinse them off."
  • "Maybe so, but we don’t have a garbage disposal. After they are rinsed off into the sink, they have to be scooped out of the sink drainer into the trash. That is adding an extra step to a simple chore. Besides, since I do most of the dishes, I’m the one who usually has to do the scooping (which I don’t enjoy). "
  • "Oh, I never thought about that! Okay, I can brush them into the trash the next time."

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