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Conflict Resolution – Four Easy Steps

Everyone gets angry.  And, usually, where there is one angry person there is at least one more.  Instead of fighting try these four easy steps to conflict resolution.

  • Talk it over.  Empathy is the quickest route to ending conflict.  Understand how all the parties involved feel.
  • Stay calm.  Take turns talking.  No excited voices allowed. 
  • Share ideas.  Offer as many suggestions for compromise that come to mind.
  • Pick one of the possible solutions from your brainstorming.  Some negotiation may need to take place in order to reach consensus.

Kids' Health - Topics - Conflict resolution

Solving Problems Using Conflict Resolution Skills

that is mine

Hey, that is MY headband!

How do you respond to conflict?

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Make A Quip – Malapropisms

Malapropisms are when we substitute a similar sounding word for the correct word.  Often the results are humorous.

  • The amount of education you have determines your loot in life.

What the speaker meant to say was lot in life.  But loot certainly makes an appropriate and funny substitute.  We certainly hope that we will make more money in relation to the amount of education we have.

  • Let's get down to brass roots.

We might get down to brass tacks if we want to tackle a problem.  If it was a grass roots issue, we would want to poll the common people.

Can you make up some malapropisms of your own?



Having more loot would improve my lot in life!


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