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What's For Dinner?
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Share Your Knowledge – Network Of Nerves

Do you know what dendrites and axons are and how they send messages from our brains to all the parts of our bodies?

Neuroscience for Kids - Questions/Answers

Nervous System

Nerves Send Messages from the Brain

Nerves send impulses that control all the parts of our bodies.

Stimulate your brain

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Accomplishing Big Tasks

Pass It On – Kindness

I was driving home one evening through a busy part of town.  The cars in my lane were moving forward, but the cars in the next lane were not.  Soon, I could see that at the front of the immobile line  was a stalled vehicle.  I quickly reacted and stopped to allow the young woman who was directly behind the car with the problem to move into my lane.

Watching the expression on her face turn from desperation to appreciation is a treasure I will always value.  Who knows how many cars had passed her by? (Maybe they didn’t recognize her dilemma in time to stop.)

Think back to the last, or most memorable time that you were able to perform an act of kindness for someone.

Stuck in Traffic

Busy roads are a great place to show compassion.

Car Travel Activities for Kids

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