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Creative Language – Say Goodnight

How many different ways can you say that you have decided to go to bed.

  • “I’m joining the Tomorrow is Another Day Club.”
  • “Call me bed-bug fodder!”

Make up some more of your own. Whose was the most creative?

Say goodnight

Mr. Sandman, do your stuff!

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Behavior – Fear And Aggression

We have two cats.  Charm is younger and feisty, but very small for an adult cat.  Wylie is older and much more of a lover than a fighter.

When Charm goes outside, she is easily spooked (probably because of her small size) by neighbor cats and strange noises.  But inside she is queen of the castle and dominates Wylie (most of the time).

I have made an interesting observation.  Whenever Charm comes inside after being frightened by something outside, her behavior follows a distinct pattern.  First, she smoothes out her tail, fluffed from the excitement.  Then she finds Wylie and pounces on her.

My conclusion is that the little cat uses aggression to replace the fear she recently experienced.  Could this explain similar behavior I have also observed in people?  Is this a positive behavior pattern?  How can this cycle be changed?

fear and agression

Can fear turn to aggression?

What is normal behavior for teens?

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