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What If? – Pigs Could Fly

Has anyone ever said to you, "Yeah, that will happen the day pigs can fly"? If so, they were telling you that your suggestion was something that would never happen.

But what if pigs really were able to fly? They don't have big ears like a elephant (that was how Dumbo flew).  Maybe their little curly tails would work like helicopter rotors? How many creative ways can you make pigs fly?

Think about some other animals. Would armadillos roll themselves into a ball to be launched out of a cannon? Would monkeys wrap their tails around trees, spin quickly and then launch like a bolo? Would cats arch their backs and merely levitate?

pigs can fly

Of course, pigs can fly. We do it like Mary Poppins!

Three Little Pigs

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Language – Convince Or Persuade

Two words that are often confused are convince and persuade.

The word convince refers to belief. You convince someone of something or that something is true.  The word persuade refers to action. You persuade someone to do something.

Columbus had to convince everyone that the world was round.  He had to persuade the Queen to finance his expedition.

Take turns making one statement that uses the word convince properly and another sentence that uses the word persuade correctly.

  • I will convince the teacher that my essay question did answer the question.
  • Then I will persuade her to raise my grade.
    • First I will have to convince my mother that my room is sufficiently clean.
    • Then I can persuade her to let me sleep over at your house.

I won't change my mind

You can't make me change my mind!

Campaign to convince

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