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What's For Dinner?
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Would You, Could You? – Journey With No Destination

How likely would it be for you to travel with no specific destination in mind?  Are you someone who needs concrete plans or could you allow a journey to unfold as you go along?

If you were to travel with no destination planned, how would you decide which roads to take?

just get in the car and go

Heads, we turn right; tails, we turn left!

Car travel activities

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The earth is always changing

Finding Joy – Smiles

Try to remember all the things that made you smile today.  I hope your list is long!

Now name all the times you made someone else smile today.  I hope this list is just as long!

How will you make someone smile tomorrow?

What made you smile today?

Watching the children play in the park made me smile.

Smile and laugh like a child

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