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What's For Dinner?
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Color Moods – When I Feel Magenta...

When I feel magenta, I am majestic.  I'm as talkative as a macaw.  My acts are magnanimous, my manners are perfect and the world is magnificent.  A malevolent thought could not cross my mind.

Choose your color and find descriptive words to match the mood of the color.  (My example played with the initial letter sounds of my color word, but you don't have to do the same.)

Magenta Fish

Isn't my magenta tail truly magnificent!

Fun with color-by-numbers

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Make A List – Comes In Threes

Of course, some versions say there was a fourth Musketeer, but I still think of them as a famous trio.  The three blind mice travel as a threesome.  A triangle has three sides.  How many more things can you place in the comes-in-threes category?

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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