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Envy – A Negative Emotion

Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings instead of your own.
--Harold Coffin

I'm sure most of us feel a bit of envy from time to time.  I confess that even though I love my choice of career, I do envy the people who work a shift job.  When they get home, their work is done.  Self-employment can create a feeling that one should be working even during times of leisure.  When I get to feeling this way, I have to remind myself that I value the flexibility of being able to take time off on a whim.

Can you identify things that have made you feel envious?  How can you remind yourself to count your own blessings?

Green with Envy

Green with envy!

Practice gratitude

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Children's Literature – Animals

Have you ever noticed that many books geared toward younger readers use animals with human qualities as the main characters?  Why do you think the authors choose animals instead of people?

Make a list of books or stories that use animals as the main characters.

Google Answers: Animals in children's books

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