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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Do You Have... – A Favorite?

Almost anyone I ask has a response to, "What is your favorite color?"  Red, blue, purple, yellow, very seldom does some one answer, "I have no favorite, I like them all the same."

But what if you asked someone to name their favorite type of cloud?  Do you think they would be able to respond quickly?  (It just so happens that I like cumulus on a hot summer day in hopes that it might rain, but I like cirrus clouds best in the evening because they reflect such beautiful colors from the setting sun.)

Challenge each other to name unusual favorites.

  • Tree
  • Pasta shape
  • Compass direction
  • etc.

Favorite Pasta Shape

Many shapes and colors

Different Types of Pasta

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Play A Word Game – Alphabetical Endings

For this game all the players must name a word that ends with each of the different letters of the alphabet.  Words ending in the letter "a" could include:

  • idea
  • llama

Examples of words ending in the letter "b" are:

  • lamb
  • barb

Add your words to these lists and then make your own list of words ending "c", "d", "e", etc.

Did any one letter stump everyone?


Lamb and barb both end in the letter B.

Learning The Alphabet Is Important

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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