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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Animal Adaptations – Specialization, Feet

An animal’s feet are specially adapted for the habitat of the animal.  Although a duck and an eagle are both birds, their feet are very different.  Squirrels and camels are both mammals, but their feet must carry them through very different environments.

Name some other animals and discuss the special structure of their feet and the purposes that they serve.

EEK! – Critter Corner – The Snowshoe Hare

13 Extremely Strange Animal Feet


A horse has specially adapted feet called hooves that make it easy for them to gallop for long distances.

Play an animal describing game

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Can you estimate the length of a minute?

ABC’s – Create A Poem

Take turns making up simple rhyming poems that use the letters of the alphabet.  More information and an example are here:

Alphabet Poems

A is for animal
B is for bed
C is for a cat, sleeping on my head!

D is for dinner
E is for eat
F is for finicky, I won't eat that beet!

cat nap

C is for cat sleeping on my head!

Teaching your child the alphabet

Alex's Mystery Picture

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Alex's Mystery Picture?

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