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Learning From Aesop – The Wind And The Sun

The wind and the sun challenged each other to a feat of strength.  Who can get the coat off the man?

Who do think won the contest, the wind with his tearing gusts, or the sun with its gentle warmth?

Read the story by Aesop:

Aesop's Fables - The Wind and the Sun

Can you think of some times when warm, gentle actions were more effective than cold, harsh ones?

warm up

However, if it was a contest to get me to put my coat on, the wind would triumph.

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Share Your Knowledge – The Galapagos Islands

Most famous are the Galapagos Tortoises (Galapagos is the Spanish word for tortoise), but there are other amazing reptiles and other life on the Galapagos Islands.  Can you name some others?

Galapagos Islands Facts

The Galapagos Islands


I'm not as big as my cousins in the Galapagos Islands.

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Alex's Mystery Picture

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