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Play A Game – Creativity Stretcher

Promote creative thinking by playing this mind-stretching game.  One person starts by asking a question that starts with the phrase "What would happen if….?"  (For example, "What would happen if animals could talk?")  The next player must supply an answer to the question and then create a new "What would happen if..?" 

  • If animals could talk, we probably would all be vegetarians.
  • What would happen if rivers started flowing backwards?

An alternative would be to have all the players supply an answer to the first question before a new one is posed.

Goat Tongue

Are you talking to me?

Do Animals Lie?

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Dealing With Other People – Pause And Reflect

During personal interactions do you find yourself reacting to the other person or do you take a moment to look at the situation and return a controlled response? 

Say, for example, that someone makes a comment that hurts your feelings.  What might be some things that you would say or do that would be reactions?  What are some of the things you might think about before you do or say anything? 

After thinking it over, what could you say or do that would be a controlled response?  What are some other situations that would turn out better if controlled responses were used instead of reactions?

Pause and Reflect

Does he really mean what I think by that remark?

Raise Goals, Lower Expectations and Share Laughter

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