What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
Tuna Mac and Cheese in a Saucepan

Tuna Mac and Cheese in a Saucepan

Tuna Mac and Cheese in a Saucepan

Grated cheese melts right into the cream of mushroom soup and butter making the smoothest mac and cheese accented with flaked tuna.

How many servings?

From kitchen to table in 30 minutes.

elbow macaroni
cream of mushroom soup
grated cheddar cheese
tuna canned in water

  1. Fill a saucepan 3/4 full with water and heat on high until boiling. Pour in macaroni, stir to separate and continue to cook on high until done (approximately 6 to 8 minutes). Stir ocassionally to keep macaroni from sticking to the pan.
  2. While macaroni cooks, melt butter in another saucepan over medium heat. Chop onion and add to pan. Cook and stir until onion is soft. Add cream of mushroom soup plus water and stir to mix.
  3. Blend grated cheese into soup and turn heat to low.
  4. When macaroni is done, drain and rinse. Add to cheese sauce and stir to blend.
  5. Drain tuna and lightly blend into mac and cheese. Serve with salad.

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