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The Most Important House Cleaning Checklist
The Most Important House Cleaning Checklist

A checklist to help you juggle friends, family, and your career with a clean house.

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The Most Important House Cleaning Checklist

The Most Important House Cleaning Checklist

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Juggling friends, family and a career can leave you with precious little time for house work. Without checklists, your home could get very messy very quickly. House cleaning checklists are also help you to focus on what is important and ignore less important things that might take up your valuable time.

If you are not sure about how to create such lists, read on for some interesting tips and tricks.

How to go about creating house cleaning checklist

Spend a little time to gather your thoughts and analyze exactly what needs to be done around your home every week. Good house cleaning checklists must include every relevant chore while leaving out stuff that is not important. As a first step, you could include every chore that you can think of. Later on, you can refine your checklist to create a shortlist.

List should also include things to be done on a daily basis. Chores like doing the dishes and sweeping the floors, for instance, need to be completed everyday and simply can not be put off. However, house cleaning checklists for different families would look different. Some families feel the need to do a load of laundry everyday, while others can make do with a load every few days or once a week.

Make severallists. Make one comprehensive list for daily and one for weekly chores. Also make two more lists that include only the absolute essential tasks to be completed daily and weekly. The reason for making so many house cleaning checklists is that you will not have the same amount of spare time everyday. One busy days, you can use the lists that contain only most important chores. When you have more time on your hands, you can get around to the comprehensive lists.

How to use your house list

House cleaning checklist is meant to be posted where they are easily visible. The refrigerator door is a popular choice, but it could also be next to the computer monitor or anywhere else that you find convenient. If members of your family help you out around the house, you can post copies of the house cleaning checklists in places where each member is most likely to see it frequently. You can assign tasks to members of your household and use a chalkboard to keep track of the chores.

Constantly appraise the performance of your family and yourself. It can take several attempts, and you might have to run through a few house cleaning checklists, before you find a combination that works to keep your home sparkling. Feel free to tweak your lists and move items from the daily to the weekly list and vice versa.

In addition to house cleaning checklist, it is also a good idea to find out the main types of dirt and clutter in your home and their causes. Try to figure out how to arrange your things and fixtures in a way that would require the least cleaning and maintenance. This can be a great way to save a lot of work and time in the long run.

House cleaning checklist will systematize the job of house keeping and make sure that you don't skip anything important.

Scheduling house cleaning

You have the house cleaning checklist that tell you what needs to be done, but you still need to figure out how to find the time to do everything that needs to be done. To start off, estimate how long it would take to execute your house cleaning lists on a daily and weekly basis. Divide the time based on your convenience. Many people find it tiresome to do a lot of chores at a stretch. It is best to divide time consuming chores into smaller units that can be completed piece by piece.

Another way to allocate time for your house cleaning checklist, would be based on the number of rooms in your house. For example, you could do the bedrooms on Monday, the yard on Tuesday and so on... Designating one day per week to do an overall house inspection and tidying up is also a good idea.

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