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Low Glycemic Index Foods
List of Low Glycemic Index Foods for Lowering Blood Sugar Naturally

Foods that have a low-glycemic index metabolize more slowly and reduce the risk of blood sugar spikes.

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List of Low Glycemic Index Foods for Lowering Blood Sugar Naturally

List of Low Glycemic Index Foods for Lowering Blood Sugar Naturally

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A glycemic index of less than 55 places a food into the low category, between 55 and 70 are medium glycemic index foods, and more than 70 denotes a food has the potential to raise blood sugar levels.

To determine the glycemic index of a certain food, volunteers are asked to fast overnight, submit to a referencing blood sample, then injest pure glucose with a GI of 100. Intervaled blood samples are taken and blood sugar readings graphed. Subsequently the fasting is repeated and the test food is given to the volunteer following the primary sample. Another graph is created charting changes in blood sugar. The difference between the graphs of the test food and the pure glucose is calculated as a percentage.

These are carbohydrate-containing foods with a low glycemic index, try to include several of these in each meal or snack that you eat.

Type of Food Name of Food Glycemic Index
Legume Hummus 6
Fungus Mushrooms 10
Fruits/Vegetables Onions 10
Fruits/Vegetables Lettuce 10
Fruits/Vegetables Broccoli 10
Fruits/Vegetables Cabbage 10
Fruits/Vegetables Chilies 10
Legume Peanuts 13
Legume Soy Beans 18
Nuts/Seeds Walnuts 15
Legume Green Beans 15
Fruits/Vegetables Tomatoes 15
Fruits/Vegetables Eggplant 15
Fruits/Vegetables Carrots 16
Legume Red Lentils 21
Grains Pearl Barley 22
Fruits/Vegetables Cherries 22
Fruits/Vegetables Plums 25
Nuts/Seeds Cashews 25
Fruits/Vegetables Grapefruit 25
Fruits/Vegetables Peaches 28
Legume Lentils 28
Fruits/Vegetables Prunes 29
Grains Wheat Tortilla 30
Legumes Navy Beans 31
Dairy Whole Milk 31
Dairy Skimmed Milk 32
Legume Yellow Split Peas 32
Fruits/Vegetables Dried Apricots 32
Dairy Low-fat Fruit Yogurt 33
Fruits/Vegetables Apples 35
Fruits/Vegetables Yam 35
Legumes Butter Beans 36
Fruits/Vegetables Oranges 40
Fruits/Vegetables Strawberries 40
Fruits/Vegetables Pears 41
Grains Pumpernickel 41
Legumes Chick Peas 42
Fruits/Vegetables Grapes 43
Legume Soy Milk 44
Fruits/Vegetables Coconut 45
Grains Mixed Grain Bread 45
Legumes Pinto Beans 45
Fruits/Vegetables Kiwi 47
Fruits/Vegetables Sweet Potatoes 48
Grains Wheat Bread 49
Legume Black-Eyed Peas 50
Grains Brown Rice 50
Grains Long-grain Rice 50
Grains Wheat Pasta 54
Fruits/Vegetables New Potatoes 54

Look at all the yummy food you can eat and keep your blood sugar levels low!

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