What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
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Quality Time as a Family

Play A Card Game – Fan Tan

Use a regular deck of cards.  Choose a dealer and deal out all the cards.  (Some players may get an extra card.)  The player on the left of the dealer starts the game.  At this point in the game, only a seven can be played.  If the first player has no seven, he or she must pass to the next player.

Once a seven has been played the next player can play either an eight or a six of the same suit onto the seven or lay down another seven.  If an eight is played onto a seven then the next player still has the option to play a six of the same suit or can now play the nine of that suit.  As the play continues cards that are higher or lower than cards already in play can be added to each of the suit stacks started by the sevens.

Lay the cards in a fan pattern so that all players can see which cards have already been played.

Find a sample game and some hints here:

Fan Tan

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