What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
Make dinner time, family time!

Quality Time

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Quality Time

Fun, Educational Activities For Parents and Children - The times spent with your family and the people you love are precious and irreplaceable. Make tonight a special memory and learn something together!

Quality Time as a Family

Play A Balancing Game – Flamingo Fishing

Materials needed

  • Paper bags, one for each player
  • A scoop of dry macaroni in each bag
  • A wooden clothespin, one for each player.

Place the paper bags on the floor and put a scoop of dried macaroni into each bag to help them stay upright.  Players hold the wooden clothespin between their teeth so that the clothespin can be opened and released without using any hands.

With bags on the floor and clothespins ready, all players must balance on one foot.  At the shout of "Go" players try to clamp the clothespin onto the paper bag and pick it up.  The first to pick up the bag without using any hands and keeping only one foot on the floor is the winner.

Play another round.

Pink Flamingo

If you have good balance, you can play this game well.

Cotton Ball Challenge

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