What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
Make dinner time, family time!

Quality Time

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Quality Time

Fun, Educational Activities For Parents and Children - The times spent with your family and the people you love are precious and irreplaceable. Make tonight a special memory and learn something together!

Quality Time as a Family

Progressive Art – Draw A Dog

Start by folding a piece of paper accordion style resulting in as many sections as you have players. (For two players, we suggest at least four sections.)  Make one paper for each player.

Next designate the part of the dog that will be represented on each section.  (Example:  if you have four sections, section one would be the head, section two front paws and front half of body, section three second half of body and back paws, section four tail.)

Now start by having each person draw the body part for section one. When complete, turn the paper to the next section and make small markings to indicate where the next artist should begin. Pass the paper to the next player without revealing the first part of the drawing.

Continue until each part is complete and then laugh at the funny pictures!

Couch Potato

Make a funny illustration.

Play Some Dog Breed Games

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