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What's For Dinner?
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Make Something – Cardboard Sandals

Just for fun - and just for wearing around the house - make yourself some cardboard sandals.  You will need some light cardboard that is easy to cut (and old cereal box would work), scissors, a tape measure and some strong tape such as packaging or duct tape.  You may even want to decorate your sandals with markers, glitter or fabric.

Follow these steps to make your sandals.

  • Place your foot on the cardboard and trace a generous outline around your foot.  This will be the sole of your shoe and should be bigger than your actual foot.  Cut two of these shoe soles, one for each foot.
  • Place your right foot onto the sole for the right shoe and use the tape measure to determine how long your heel strap should be.  Start with the zero end of the tape at your instep, and measure the distance around your heel at the ankle to the outside of your foot opposite the instep.
  • Add an inch to this measurement and cut out two-inch wide strips of cardboard, one for your right foot and one for your left foot.  (The extra inch is the part that will be taped to the sole of the shoe, 1/2 inch on each side.)
  • Next measure the distance across the top of your foot at the arch.  This time add two inches to that measurement and make the front straps for each shoe.  (The extra length will make the sandals more comfortable and allow enough extra cardboard to tape to the soles.)
  • Using the strong tape, affix the straps to the soles in the same way that the tape measure was used.
  • Decorate and wear!

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