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Why I Love the Living Cookbook

I love the Living Cookbook 2011 ! Not only can you determine the nutritional content of your favorite recipes, you can also use it to create complete menus. And, because it is the Living Cookbook, you have the ability to add new foods to the database yourself. When I brought home frozen onion petals from the supermarket, I simply added the information from the label on the box to the ingredient database. We enjoyed the treat and cut back on fat and sodium in the other foods we ate that day. Many of your favorite convenience foods are already included in the huge database-even restaurant foods.

It helps me stay organized. I just hate being in the middle of preparing a meal and discovering that the can I thought was chicken broth is really chicken soup. That doesn't happen anymore because the Living Cookbook 2011 has a nifty inventory feature. Your pantry will never disappoint you again.

If you dislike grocery shopping (especially the part where you give the cashier all your money), then you need this cookbook. The shopping list function not only organizes your items by grocery aisle, it also calculates the total cost. Pull out those sales flyers from competing markets and you'll know with a glance who really has the best prices.

Now, let's talk about recipes. Quickly create your own recipes; search the delicious recipes already included for new favorites; download recipes from the internet; or use the time-saving capture feature to transfer recipes from any format. Now you are ready to publish your own cookbook. Be sure to include a picture for each recipe.

But don't take my word for it. Visit Living Cookbook 2011 and watch the demo. Then download the free trial version. I'm sure you will love it as much as I do!

Visit Living Cookbook now.

Jean Fisher
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