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Language Skills – Tautology

I, myself would never ever stoop so low as to resort to saying the same thing twice by using tautologies in my oral speaking or written essays, the reason is because I strive hard to be crystal clear for the sake of my listening audience.

Obviously the statement above cannot be true.  Tautology means saying the same thing twice.  Can you find all the tautologies in my example sentence?  Look below to see a list of the tautologies in my example sentence.

Make up some of your own sentences that use tautologies.

Tautology (rhetoric) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tautology - Glossary Definition - UsingEnglish.com


Did I already say that?

Pictures with Language

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Add, Multiply, Add – Pick A Date, Any Date

For this game everyone picks a random date in history.  For our example we will use July 7, 1923 (my dad's birthday).  Now express the date numerically, 07/07/1923.  Add the first two digits together

  • 0+7 = 7

Then multiply that answer with the next digit.

  • 7x0 = 0

Add that to the next digit.

  • 0+7 = 7

Multiply again.

  • 7x1 = 7


  • 7+9 = 16


  • 16x2 = 32


  • 32+3 = 35

Whose date resulted in the largest number?  The smallest?


Use the numbers that make up a date on a calendar to create unique math problems.

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