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What Is Your Opinion – Volunteering

Young people who are planning to attend college are much more likely to spend time as volunteer than those who are not college bound.  The reason, it seems, is they believe listing volunteer activities on their resumes will improve their chances at being accepted by the college or university of their choice.

What are your thoughts?  Should people only volunteer out of a genuine desire to help others, or is this one of those times when motive is unimportant – it’s the results that count?

Study: Resume 'padding prevalent' in college-bound students who volunteer

Thanks for the Help

I enjoy helping out

Teaching Children About Money

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Just For Fun – What Did You Say?

Can you figure out these phrases?

  1. Tub Braid Heap Hunch (Clue: TV show)
  2. Sand Tackle Laws (Clue: fictional character)
  3. Tall Mischief Her Sun (Clue: person)
  4. Buck Spun He (Clue: cartoon character)
  5. Shock Cussed Toe (Clue: person)
  6. These Hound Dove Moo Sick (Clue: movie)
  7. Docked Hearse Whose (Clue: person)
  8. Tight An Hick (Clue: thing)
  9. Aisle Oh View (Clue: phrase)
  10. Chick He Tub Ban An Us (Clue: things)
  11. My Gulch Hoard Un (Clue: person)
  12. Thumb III Key Wake Owl Licks He (Clue: place)

Find the answers here:

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The Sound of Music

Fun with Music Lyrics

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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