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What's For Dinner?
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Share Your Knowledge – Hippos

What do you know about the giant hippopotamus?  Have you seen those birds that walk around on their backs? 

Underwater, they are graceful swimmers.

Learn more:

NATURE. Hippo Beach | PBS

Hippos are good parents.

How hippos manage their young - cute baby animals - BBC wildlife


A hippo has a very large mouth!

Animals of Africa

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Critical Thinking

Play A Game – Word Chain

Start with one person saying any word. The next person must then name another word that relates to the previous word. Each new word needs only to relate to the last word named, it does not need to relate to the previously named words.
(Example: Music – Tune – Piano – Stool – Kitchen – Sink - etc.).

Skill Level Variations: More advanced players can be required to follow a category pattern for named words.

One category pattern could be: noun – verb – noun –verb – etc. (Example: Music – Play – Game – Win – Trophy – etc.)

OR: noun – verb – adjective – noun – verb – adjective – etc.
(Example: Music – Play – Happy – Children – Learn – Smart – etc.)


I sit on my stool to play the piano that was tuned yesterday. I hope you like the music from where you are listening on your stool at the kitchen sink.

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