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Reducing Conflict – The Value Of Rules And Appropriate Consequences

What if the police ignored jaywalkers except when it was raining. During a rainstorm anyone caught running across the street would face jail time. Unfortunately, in some family rule enforcement can be just as erratic. We all need the security that comes from clear and consistent rules and consequences.

What are the important rules in your family? What are the consequences for breaking those rules? Does everyone agree that these rules are fair?

Read these tips on setting fair and reasonable rules:

Rules: What's Fair?

there will be consequences

Riding your tricycle in your party dress? There will be consequences!

Setting Rules

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Your Life – Who’s Made A Difference?

Every once in a while we meet someone who makes a tremendous difference in our lives. These people are not necessarily leading a noteworthy cause (a big “D” difference), rather they are “ordinary” people who affect the people they touch - making a difference with a small “d.” When we're affected by these people, we know they've made our lives, and the world, a better place.


You always help me remember to do the right thing.

Mentors play an important role

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