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Reducing Conflict – What Are The Causes?

Understanding the causes is the first step to reducing conflict.  Do you recognize any of these factors as reasons for frequent fighting?

  • Competitive atmosphere - Who gets the remote?
  • Intolerant atmosphere - You’re such a baby!
  • Poor communication - You know perfectly well what you did!
  • Inappropriate expression of emotions - Didn’t you know that throwing all the crayons on the floor means that I wish you would play with me?
  • Lack of conflict resolution skills - You drive me crazy!
  • Misuse of authoritative power - Because I say so!

What can you do to move away from these negative patterns? Learn more:

NASD: Resolving Family Conflicts

I want the remote

Who gets the remote?

Finding ways to reduce conflict

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Make A Quip – Anachronisms

You know the day George Washington got in trouble for chopping down that cherry tree?  Well, if his chainsaw hadn’t run out of gas, he would have destroyed the entire orchard!

This story cannot be true because they didn’t have gasoline-powered chainsaws when George Washington was a boy.  The chainsaw is an anachronism.

Take turns making up historic incidents that are not possible because of anachronisms.


Men wearing armor is an anachronism!

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