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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Play A Word Game – Adverb Replacement

Player One starts by creating a sentence that contains an adverb.

  • Suddenly the road turned sharply.

Player Two repeats the sentence using a different adjective and then creates a new sentence using an adjective.

  • Suddenly the road turned northward. The baby banged the pans loudly.

Player Three repeats the new sentence with a different adverb and creates another new sentence.

  • The baby banged the pans enthusiastically. Soon we will be leaving.

And on you go!


tram station

We will be leaving next. He selfishly snatched it away.

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Comedy – Impressions

Can you make your voice sound like someone else?  Take turns giving impressions and allowing the others to guess who you are pretending to be.  Use pitch, tone, accent, word choices, facial expressions and body language.  You can choose celebrities or friends and family.

comedy impressions

A funny thing happened on the way over here.

Humorous voice inflections

Alex's Mystery Picture

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