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What's For Dinner?
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Have You Heard Of? – Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the practice of using living organisms or their by-products for commercial purposes.  If you ever brought home some ladybugs to eat the aphids off your rosebushes, or purchased a package of yeast to bake some bread – you have been part of biotechnology.

Name more examples of biotechnology.


Ladybugs keep my garden healthy.

Tips For Starting Your Garden With Seeds

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I knew it was wrong because...

Conflict – Nonviolent Confrontation

Use these steps to solve problems through non-violent confrontation. 

  • Discussing feelings
  • Listening to another person’s point of view
  • Understanding that people don’t always agree on everything
  • Looking for creative solutions
  • Weighing different possible outcomes
  • Decision making

Read a story of how one family used these skills to solve a problem.

Now make up a story of your own.

Time to say Sorry

We can work through this conflict.

Teaching Children to Tell the Truth

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