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Decisions – Making Inferences

Do you have all the facts every time you make a decision?  Probably not.  Throughout the day most of us make many inferences.  We make a decision based on what we think is most likely to happen.

We leave home without a coat when we hear birds singing out the window and sunbeams slanting through the curtains.  Could a storm move in later in the day?  Possibly, of course.

Coming home late from work, a mom might stop to pick up dinner because she expects everyone to be hungry when she arrives home.  Another family member may have fixed dinner, but she infers that it is not likely.

Think of a time when your actions were based, in part, on inference.

I'll wear a hat

It's a nice sunny day. I'll wear my new hat with the ostrich feather. Let's hope it doesn't get windy!

Inductive Reasoning

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Fun With Words

Play A Word Game – Nouns For Verbs

Challenge each other to guess the verb by naming nouns that relate that verb.

For example if the verb you would like others to guess is cook, you could say “stove”, “microwave”, “grill”.

If the verb you would like others to guess is laugh, you could say “hyena”, “audience”, “embarrassed person”.

cook outside

What do barbecue grills and microwave ovens have in common? Cooking, of course!

Play a noun and adjective game

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