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In The News – Tires Made From Dandelions

As a child I often picked the bright yellow flowers growing in our yard and presented them to my mother with a smile.  She always accepted them graciously and gave me a hug.

These flowers were also fun when they became a puff of billowy seeds.  My sister and I would pick them and blow the seeds toward heaven, positive that they would be picked up by an angel who would grant the wishes we sent along with the seeds.

As an adult and the caretaker of a lawn and garden, I now realize that dandelions are a stubborn weed and very difficult to eradicate.  But scientists are working on a discovery that will redeem the lowly dandelion.  The roots contain a substance that can be used to create rubber!

How many ways can rubber from dandelion be used?  Are there problems to continuing the research on dandelion rubber?

Dandelions to lay rubber on the road (ABC News in Science)

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Play A Game – My Day ABC’s

Start with the letter A and either name or describe something that was part of your day.  For example, player one could say, “I ate guacamole that was made with an avocado”.  The next player could say, “The ride in the school bus was very bumpy”.

Remember to use nouns or adjectives.


In art class we drew with crayons.

Make crayon resist drawings

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