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Communities – Tagging

What are your thoughts about the symbolic graffiti called tagging?

What lies behind the defacing of private and public property with these undeniably artistic neo-petroglyphs?

Why do these talented artists choose a criminal outlet for their expression? How would you feel if your private property was marked in this way?


Car art be a crime?

Sidewalk Chalk

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The value of rules and appropriate consequences

Make A List – Mammals In The Wild

We might share our home with a cat or a dog; but when we are walking in the forests (or even backyards), there are other mammals sharing that space with us.  Different hikes I have taken have been through the natural habitats of squirrels, deer, javelina, antelope, skunks and many others.

Which mammals are on your list?

Pick up a Skunk

Don't pickup the skunk!

I Saw Something Unusual

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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