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What Is Motivation – The Carrot And The Stick

Motivation can be defined as an inducement to action. Or, more simply, we could say that it’s what makes us do the things we do.

Once there were two farmers. Each one had a donkey that the farmer used for plowing his fields. One farmer would carry a huge stick with him when he took his donkey out into the fields to work. Whenever the donkey got tired and sat down, the farmer would take the huge stick and give the donkey a whack motivating the donkey to get back to work. The second farmer took with him a basket of carrots. Whenever his donkey got tired and sat down, he would hold a carrot out in front of the donkey to motivate him to start working again.

This is an old, familiar tale. How does it apply to your life? Are you more motivated by the stick or by the carrot? Do we stop at the red light because we might get a ticket if we didn’t or because we might save a life if we do?

stubborn donkey

I prefer rewards over punishment, give me a carrot, please.

Can one person motivate another?

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Share A Story – A Child’s Interpretation

When my son, Alex, was small instead of carrying a purse, I carried a capacious wallet.  Apparently, I had left the house without my wallet one or two times and that really impressed Alex.  I know because he would remind me as we were leaving the house, "Did you get your walnut, Mom?"

Another example of humorous word mistakes comes from my brother, Dave.  He would take a stick and trace a line in the dirt.  Then he would challenge everyone to not cross that lion.

Name times when you have heard young (or not so young) people mistake one word for another.


Cross that lion? Not me!

Childhood should be sweet

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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