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In The News – Bugs May Help Buildings Stay Upright

If you have ever walked through the sandy lands of the Southwestern United States, you may have seen a special type of earth that is actually alive. Tiny creatures in the soil make the dirt stand upright just like tiny buildings.

Can these same microbes strengthen the soil under real buildings and make them more stable during earthquakes?

News in Science - Bugs may help buildings stay upright

This building fell during an earthquake.

Earthquake causes building to collapse

Living Earth

This earth is actually alive with little creatures creating these shapes.


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Expressing Number Ideas With Words

Play A Game – Around The House ABC’s

Start with the letter A and either name or describe something in your home.  For example, player one could say, “An apple is sitting on the counter”.  The next player could say, “Our television is black”.

Remember to use nouns or adjectives.

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