What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
Make dinner time, family time!

Quality Time

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Quality Time

Fun, Educational Activities For Parents and Children - The times spent with your family and the people you love are precious and irreplaceable. Make tonight a special memory and learn something together!

Quality Time as a Family

Play A Math Game – Progressive Operations

Each player has a piece of paper and a pencil. (You can choose to include calculators if you wish). To start the game each player creates and solves a math problem of their choosing. For example

  • 100 divided by 2 equals 50

Next, each person passes his or her paper to the player on the right. This player must take the results of the first problem, create and solve a new problem.

  • 50 times 25 equals 1250

Pass the papers to the right again and create a new problem.

  • 1250 < 2000 (The next player would use the number 2000 in this example.)

And on you go! Who can create the trickiest problem?

this might be hard

I was hoping for a smaller number when my turn came!

Mental math game of taking turns

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